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Issue # 21

June 2017

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Space Control Map Feature:  Included in our June 14th update is a new mapping feature.  You can now create a map of your facility.   


Rent tax changes:  
Over the past year some states raised their rent tax, while others lowered them.  This has created some confusion for sites in regards to prepaid customers. Feature  


The map will give you a quick overview of your facility.  The color scheme of the map will allow you to see which spaces are vacant, occupied, past due, overlocked or reserved.  It will also tell you which spaces are company spaces, which are not rentable and which need maintenance.  Along with your spaces we have added a feature that allows you to add structures on your facility to the map.  You can place your office, gates, customer parking, dumpsters etc...  on the map to help orient yourselves and your customers.


If you right click on a space it will give you an overview of that space.  It will tell you if it is occupied, size, space number, price, features and remarks.  If the space is occupied it will tell you if they have a current discount and if it is vacant it will list the discounts that are available for that space.


When you select an occupied space it will take you to the customer account screen.  If you select a vacant space it will allow you to either move-in a customer or take a reservation.


For the sites that are set to "no login" all of your users will have access.  If you have users and roles setup everyone will be able to view and use the map, but only the company/regional manager will be allowed to edit the map feature.  The company/regional manager can allow the site manager and/or clerk to edit the map.


We have added instructions for setting up your map in the help menu.  Please go to the help menu and select Site Map/Map Setup to begin.  I hope you find this new feature useful in managing your facility.


If you have questions about where to begin with setting up your Map please contact our support department at 877-591-0455 or


Rent tax changes:   


Over the past year a number of states have lower or raised their rent tax on units.  If your state is planning on doing this in the future please feel free to contact our support department to get the best process for implementing this change.  They can be reached at 877-591-0455 or stop by our booth (#200) at the Self Storage Association Fall Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada September 6-7, 2017.  We look forward to showing you our new suite of programs for the cloud and to discussing all its new features with you.


     Kevin Taylor

     President, Space Control Systems 

     206 Providence Mine Road, Suite 118

     Nevada City, CA 95959

       800-455-9055  ext 211