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Issue # 16

March 2013

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Stop by our booth (717 & 719) at the Inside Self Storage Trade Show in Las Vegas April 3rd and 4th to see a demo of Space Control's Insight, our new management system designed specifically for companies with multiple locations.


Insight is a suite of programs that includes Onsite, the point-of-sale system for use at the counter and Insight, built just for the management side of the business.   Let us show you how you can bring all the benefits of cloud technology to your business.

globeInsight - The Most Powerful Suite of Management Tools in the Industry 


Insight gives you a brilliant graphic Report Card for all of your sites.  It's easy to read and immediately alerts you to any area where your stores need attention.    


We do the analysis for you!   No need to wade through a multitude of reports ever again.  Insight monitors 10 key areas from Economic Occupancy through Potential Theft.  (Did you know that a plummet in the percentage of cash payments could mean malfeasance?)  


What's Up...or Down?  When you want to know "Why are we not making more money at these locations?", you will get the instant answer.  One screen shows you which locations are doing well and where the others are falling down. 


Would you like to compare regions or individual stores?  Yes, that's in here too.

What Should We Have Collected?
  Everybody has reports to tell you what was collected last month.  But, for years owners have asked for a report that, in their words says:  What should we have collected last month?  What did we collect?  And where did the rest of it go?   Insight has that report, simply stated and easy to understand.


Good decisions at the rental counter   Do you want to get good decisions at the rental counter?  Our terrific Tenant Ledger will show your employees everything they need to make these decisons.  Have we already forgiven late fees for this customer?  Should we not accept any more checks from this fellow?


Automatic Payments   Of course, you get the safest credit card processing (+ACH) in the country.  Element Payment Services, our partner, won the Business Solutions Best award the last 3 years in a row.  Your data is safe; no hackers could find a single bit that would help them.  And, without 3rd party fees, our customers are getting excellent, money-saving rates.  


Bigger Profits thru Yield Management,  Use the laws of supply and demand to your advantage.  Yield Management, a real profit-maker for our users, is built in and at no extra charge.  Change vacancy rates automatically according to occupancy and schedule automatic rent raises for occupants.  Ensure that no rent increase is overlooked. 



moneyLink Pay to Performance


Employee incentive plans are often used to encourage above average performance from employees.  But a plan that just concentrates on one part of the business can backfire.  If you reward for more move-ins, delinquencies may go up.  Insight includes a plan that takes every aspect of your business into account.  New renters, yes, but also delinquencies and merchandise sales.  We even include an adjustment for the physical site audit.  Contact us for more information about successful incentive plans.     Please stop by our booth at the ISS tradeshow in Las Vegas.  I look forward o showing you our new suite of programs for the cloud and to discussing all its new features with you.


     Ramona Taylor

     President, Space Control Systems 

     206 Providence Mine Road, Suite 118

     Nevada City, CA 95959

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