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Issue # 15

September 2012

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Come see us at the Self Storage Association's Trade Show in Las Vegas September 5th and 6th, Booths 437 and 439.  We'll be introducing Space Control's Insight, our new management system designed specifically for companies with multiple self-storage locations.


This is not just another program designed for site use and plunked on the web; we started from scratch and designed Insight for the Cloud and for today's self-storage business.    

  globeSpace Control's Insight   


The self-storage industry is constantly evolving. And the software that serves that business should evolve as well. Until now, we've had software designed to operate at the counter and create reports for management. Now, we have the first system designed to not only manage the counter but to provide the functionality needed to manage the entire business.


Cloud Computing is perhaps the most significant shift in technology in years. Its many benefits include: data security, free updates, remote access, and quick installation. In order to bring all the benefits of today's technology to your business, we decided not to just put our old software on the web as many companies did. We started from scratch and designed and built Insight with the newest technology.


The self-storage industry is changing. We analyzed the effects on management of the consolidation that has been happening in the self-storage industry. What we found is management at different levels with different needs. Site managers, Regional managers, and Headquarters Staff all require different information and they are all rushed and trying to accomplish a lot with too little time. Insight save hours by providing every member of the management team with the data they need in a concise and easy-to-understand format.


Space Control's new group of programs includes Onsite the point-of-sale system to use at the counter and Insight, a management system designed specifically for the absentee owner or the company managing many locations.  In the background, not seen by the user, are automatic data backups, online payments, and programs running in off-hours to send emails, update customer accounts with rent charges, delinquency actions, automatic payments, and more. 


Know instantly what needs attention and how one location compares with others. Insight includes a dashboard view that shows you on one screen how each of your sites is doing in 10 different categories from Economic Occupancy to Incentive Targets. You get to set the parameters that determine what is good, bad, or just OK. And you can see at a glance what needs attention.  


We do the analysis for you. Most self-storage software is based on the theory of, give them absolutely everything we have. What could possibly be wrong with that? What's wrong is that you end up with pages and pages of data that you must spend hours poring through to get to the information you really need right now. Insight saves hours of your time by bringing the critical results to the front and allowing you to drill-down for as much detail as you want. 
 Bottom Line


Sometimes you just want to know the bottom line.  What   should we have collected last month?  What did we collect?   And where is the rest of it?  Insight has the answer in a clear, concise, one page format.  Or a pie chart, if you prefer.


Do discounts account for a large loss?  Or are there too many past-due accounts?  Do a lot of renters move out without paying what they owe?  It's easy to see where you're losing money with our Income Analysis Report.     Please stop by booths 437, 439 at the Las Vegas Tradeshow.  I      look forward to discussing our new system with you.   


     Ramona Taylor

     President, Space Control Systems 

     206 Providence Mine Road, Suite 118

     Nevada City, CA 95959

     800-455-9055  ext 12