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Space Control is coming back to Florida!
FSSA Orlando May 12
After taking some time off to build a completely new software package using the newest internet technology, Space Control is back.  
Our new package reflects our over 20 years of experience working with self-storage owners.  The two-part package includes point-of-sale software to provide better service at the rental counter and comprehensive management software that owners can access from anywhere.   
Onsite has the customer ledger page that site managers have loved for years.  Everything you need to know about your customer on one screen.  No clicking back and forth from screen to screen to find when the last payment was made, has a check ever bounced, were late fees forgiven, does the customer have a discount?  It's all right there on one screen in an easy to understand format.

Insight is the management piece of this new package.  You can instantly see how your site(s) are doing in 10 critical areas so you know which part of the business needs your attention.   Reports start with the Management Summary, then drill down for as much detail as you want.  One click takes you to month-to-date site totals, another click displays daily totals and individual transactions.
Insight includes an Incentive plan which takes all parts of the business into account.  There's an Audit graph that lets you track your physical site audits.  And, of course, cash and accrual accounting reports.
Rate Management Options:  Whether you want to set up a Yield Management program, that sets prices for vacant spaces according to how many are available, schedule automatic annual rates for renters, or allow site managers to suggest rent raises that come to you for final approval, Insight puts Rate Management in your hands.
Come see us in booth #33 in Orlando.  If you're not coming to the tradeshow, give us a call at 800-455-9055 to learn more about the newest Space Control system. 

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