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Everything you need to know about the Space Control acquisition.

Learn About the Space Control Acquisition

We’re excited to announce that Space Control was acquired by Storage Commander Software – a subsidiary of Fullsteam which is a larger company specializing in payments and technology.

New In-House Credit Card Processing:


One of the best things that will be available to all Space Control users is SC Pay, a completely integrated payments solution with benefits such as:


  • An average potential savings of over 17% on credit card transactions without the hidden fees.
  • Using SC Pay you can contact the same great support for both your payments and management software.
  • EMV-compliant devices including NFC (contactless payments) allow your business to accept Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Stay informed with streamlined MerchantTrack dashboard from anywhere.
  • Tokenized credit card data and fully compliant with PCI and PADSS by keeping your business out of scope!
  • In most cases, SC Pay accounts setup within 3-5 business days after receiving all of the necessary documentation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new company planning to change or discontinue the Space Control Software?

Besides the new payment gateway for Space Control users, there are no plans to make any significant changes at this time. 


Onsite software occupant ledger

Will this impact my business?

There should be no impact to you or any of our other clients as we will continue operating the company “business as usual”. 

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Space Control

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