Intuitive point-of-sale software, provides instant answers to customer questions and better service at your rental counter.

Control at the rental counter. Best service with Onsite.

Onsite makes space renting easy. You can call up all customer data instantly. Questions like, “When did you get my last payment?” Or, how much do I owe as of today?” can be answered from a single screen right in front of you, as all information comes up on the easy-to-read occupant ledger. Even more transaction details can be accessed simply. Operators and customers will have confidence and respect for your business with your quick, accurate answers and information.

Onsite™ point-of-sale software

What your business partner, Onsite, does for you:

  • With one click, displays all customer information on a single screen in an easy-to-understand occupant ledger
  • Clearly indicates each account status with icons and color coding
  • Provides all transactions and customer history, identifying staff involved in transactions
  • Offers convenient texting and emailing for customer notifications
  • Allows online customer reservations, rental and payments from any device, including smart phones
  • Site map color schemes give visual status of each space—vacant, occupied, past due, overlocked or reserved. Also takes you to the customer account screen

Email and Texting — Email as many notices as your state allows, or use our new Texting feature to send secure text notifications to one or a group of customers. Integrated into the software, texts don’t require a third party vendor or mobile number for the facility, just an email address, and can be scheduled to send automatically. Delivery confirmation is also automatic.

Online Payments — Improve your collections process with a link on your web page allowing customers to pay online. Space Control automatically updates the customer account and posts the payment to your Bank Deposit Report.

Onsite software occupant ledger

Online Reservations and Rental — Give new customers the up-to-date convenience of reserving, renting and paying for a space online.

Total Package — Onsite and Insight are a complete package. No need to buy third party software to supplement Space Control.

Mobility — Our mobile Space Audit speeds up the physical audit of your facility using a smart phone or tablet. Walk around, keying in notations such as Not Rentable, Company Space, Overlocked, or Maintenance Required. Notes go directly to the database, eliminating time-consuming transcription of handwritten notes. The mobile Management Summary Report provides access to partners or bankers for only this report without giving them access to any other part of your system. It’s also easy access for absentee owners or traveling managers. The mobile Individual Rate Analysis Report shows you rental rate history about a specific customer to help you make decisions and select options for a rent raise.

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