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Issue # 19

February 2017

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Online Rental:  To go along with Online payment and Online reservation we now offer Online Rental.  Allowing customers to rent a unit at their discretion without the need of a Self Storage employee being on site.   


Mobile:  As more and more people use mobile devices, we are adding to Space Control's mobile access features.  The newest addition is "Individual Rate analysis Report". Rental 


Space Control's online products are providing many benefits to our self-storage customers.  The latest addition is Online Rental.  Your prospects can rent a unit, reserve a unit and make a payment from any device including their smartphone.  That means you are open for business 24/7.


While Online Rental doesn't replace your current manager, it does make it so a person can move in without assistance at any time.  It also means you can compete with those competitors offering kiosks.


In addition to never being "Closed," your website will get a boost from having interactivity.  We've had customers go from Page 2 of a Google search to Page 1 just by adding online payment and online reservation.  More and more people are using the internet to search for everything-including self-storage.  The aggregators are taking the top spots in Google searches but you need to be right below them or you may not be seen.


To see a demonstration of any of our online products, call Lois Brown at 800-663-8688 or e-mail her at



Individual Rate Analysis from a Mobile Device 


You are now able to access more information from your mobile device.  If you are trying to decide if you need to implement a rent raise at your facility you can analyze the following information.



Have not had a rent raise in:

You can pick the number of months or more.

(This allows you to see who has not had a raise in a specific period of time)


Are currently paying up to ___% of standard rate:

(This allows you to see who has not had a raise in a specific period of time)


Have a discount: Now

(Lets you know the occupants that have discounts at this time)


Have a discount: At Move-in

(If you check this parameter it will show you who was discounted at move in if the discount is still active it will show in "Have a discount: Now")


If a customer has the option No rent or No rent raise chosen you can display them on the report.

Have Option: No Rent

Have Option: No Rent Raise


Space Control's Management Summary report is also available on mobile devices.  If you want to provide only that report to someone, you can add a new user and give them access to Mobile Management Summary without exposing any of your other reports or any other part of your data. stop by our booth (#501) at the Self Storage Association Spring Conference in New Orleans March 15-17.  We look forward to showing you our new suite of programs for the cloud and to discussing all its new features with you.


     Kevin Taylor

     President, Space Control Systems 

     206 Providence Mine Road, Suite 118

     Nevada City, CA 95959

       800-455-9055  ext 211